Fatty acids contained in fish oil have made headlines all around the world recently and for good reasons. Two most important fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are found to have therapeutic and medical benefits for a range of diseases and behavioral disorders. As it is, this supplement holds a lot of promises RAD 140 testolone and well-known researchers have confirmed and even made new claims on the potency of this product as a food supplement.

However, this product does not come as a supplement that stands for everything to everyone, recommended dosage is different from one group of people to another, depending on the purpose of the intake and the medical condition of the patient. Below are some of the standard dosages.

An adult person with no serious medical condition can take, according to World Health Organization, 350-500 milligrams everyday. This can be spread across the day, usually taken after a fatty meal for greater digestive absorption and to enhance potency. People who take fatty acids as food supplements can look forward to a healthier immune system, clearer and smoother skin, and greater chances at being liberated from stress of daily living.

European Neuropsychopharmacology and Nutritional Neuroscience have independently found that fish oil as a supplement for people with depression, anxiety, suicide risks, and developmental problems show signs of improvement in their conditions. In Department of Psychiatry of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, patients are recommended to take 1000 milligrams eight times a day for patients with mental issues.

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