Cabinet door hinges are one of the biggest afterthoughts in home design but they often get the biggest workout in the home. Nary an hour goes by that someone isn’t opening a cabinet somewhere in the home, whether it’s in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom or hallway.

Most simply make do with the hinges that came with the cabinet. Only when they begin to squeak and sway in complaint about their endless exercise do we give thought to changing them. And only then do we only change the offending hinge that has failed to do its duty tightly and quietly.
But changing out hinges can yield some exciting results in the home, particularly when they are visible hinges.

Because visible cabinet door hinges are, well, always visible, they become expected and common place over time. Eventually, you don’t even notice them anymore. At least until they become unhinged as noted above.

With just a few twists of a screw, you can replace all your visible hinges with new ones that can breathe fresh life into your once boring cabinet doors. For example, many hinges come in silver or brass. Why not change it up with deep black, hammered copper or cast wax molded versions of antique hinges. If you have a rustic feel in your kitchen, you can decorate H or HL hinges that make your cooking space look like a turn of the century country kitchen.

For something a little more European, consider adding 360 degree hinges for cabinet door Antique English Hinges. These H shaped steel cabinet door hinges have a very ornate finish to them that will add old world charm to your kitchen, bathroom or pantry area.

Ornamental hinges are another good choice for visible, or surface mounted cabinet door hinges. These come in a wide range of styles, including butterfly and Art Deco.

When selecting new hinges, you want to keep a few things in mind. First, what’s the style of your kitchen? Is it modern, traditional, country or retro? What kind do you have now and what hinges would not only look good, but also properly support the door so it doesn’t sag or even fail over the time. Too weak of hinges and you’ll always be straightening the door. This can become maddening very quickly.

If you have concealed hinges and want to move to surface mounted cabinet hinges, chances are good that you’ll want to go with either semi-concealed hinges where only the frame wing is visible (the door part goes on the back side of the cabinet door), overlay hinges, or inset hinges. It just depends on the type cabinet doors you have.

One good hint: Before you redo all your hinges buy several different styles and finishes and put them on them in various parts of the kitchen. You can then get a sense of which works best for you from the standpoint of design and décor before going through the effort of replacing all the cabinet door hinges in the home.

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