In a surprising, but not unexpected, move from the New York State Legislature announced Monday, May 24, 2010, NYRA (New York Racing Authority) received an immediate loan of $25,000,000…desperately needed operating cash to keep the current Belmont Meet going and to ensure that the industry’s premier meeting in Saratoga will have the necessary funds to pay for the bags.

This was great news and an important step by state politicians to help a struggling but key industry that is vital to the New York State economy. NYRA operates three thoroughbred tracks: at Belmont Park…in upstate Saratoga…and in the winter competition held annually at Aqueduct Race Track.

In better economic times, the three tracks, and NYRA, have needed no help from the state to stay open and operational. But, these are not the best of times. The country and the state of New York are struggling economically. In New York State, in particular, many people are out of work and have little or no discretionary income. That hurts thoroughbred racing.

When people need to cut back, they cut back on leisure activities and spend their limited resources on necessities like food, shelter, and utilities. Reduced revenue affecting all three tracks is causing some economic concern now, but it’s not the first time it’s happened. Changes in the economy always affect attendance and revenue at race tracks. Fortunately, the state legislature recognized the problem and was quick to react…in a very positive way.

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