Duct tape was manufactured for the first time during World War II. It was used to fix broken windows, seal canisters and tighten cracked gun magazines. Layers of waterproof polyethylene, strong cloth mesh and rubber based adhesive are pressed together under thousands of pounds of pressure to make duct tape.

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Duct tapes are used extensively in domestic households, as well as large offices and industries. Apart from these new innovative products, handicrafts are also manufactured using duct tapes. Wardrobes for men and women made from duct tapes are a recent addition to haute couture.

The process of making duct tape clothing is time consuming. A piece of duct tape is kept on a flat surface with the sticky side facing up. Two similar pieces with sides facing down are placed over the single piece. The two pieces are laid side by side. This process is continued until the required length of duct tape fabric is made. This is then washed using lather and rinsed with water. It is cut into adhesive tape manufacturers different shapes and sizes and joined together using duct tape.

Wardrobes designed from duct tape are strong and waterproof. Jackets, shirts, shoes, belts, ties, gowns, wedding dress and bikinis are a few of these products. These can be purchased from designer stores and from online stores. They are great attractions at school and college prom nights. Duct tape manufacturers sponsor duct tape clothing contests for school and college scholarships.

Manufacturers produce different varieties of duct tapes. They are available in a variety of colors. A little innovation is required to design different patterns of clothing that are more colorful and vibrant. People are attracted to the glossy look of duct tape clothes, and many have now turned to designing their own personal wardrobe using duct tapes.

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