So I was watching the Arsenal, Wigan game and had to laugh at the time wasting from Chris Kirkland and the antics that ensued between the big goalkeeper and Thierry Henry as the match grew to a frantic climax. After all, if you can’t laugh then what are you supposed to do?

Andy Gray seemed outraged by Henry offering the ball to Kirkland after Arsenal equalised, but I thought it was pretty much fair enough. After all, as a football fan I along with every other supporter know how annoying it can be when your team’s chasing the game and the opposition are doing everything in their power to take the sting out of the game.

That being said, the Gunners scoring was surely punishment enough for the ufabetดีมั้ย goalkeeper and it probably wasn’t necessary for the Frenchman to stir the pot further. Then again, it’s never really seems necessary for the footballers to do a lot of things they do on the field.

The one thing that really makes me laugh is the age-old battle of the scorer and the goalkeeper. This occurs when a player scores (obviously) to bring his team back into the game and then runs into the goal to retrieve the ball, where he’s inevitably faced by a goalkeeper hell-bent on denying him this right.

This usually leads to a cat-fight involving both sides which renders the whole exercise pointless as the time that might have been saved fishing the ball out the net has been lost by biting and scratching each other. That is after assuming that the referee didn’t immediately stop his watch after the goal was scored, and I’m pretty sure they do.

So if you ever feel frustrated by time wasting, ball-wrestling or any of the other usual footballing shenanigan’s – take a step back and think how these men get paid millions of pounds a year to act like complete idiots in front of worldwide audiences. Actually, thinking about it I wouldn’t bother. Just do what I do, and laugh.

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